Thursday, June 2, 2011

All in a days work....

Most days are busy this time of year...but TODAY seemed a little EXTRA! I need to "vent" it out, so i'm jotting all I did today. Or all i remember anyway!

6:30AM- got up
-Weeded garden
-watered flowers
-put bunnies in daytime cage
-played with kitties, trying to tame so we can give them away!
-Clay up, bottle
-made oatmeal
-Other 3 up, breakfast
-boys "tamed" kitties (chased) for a solid 45 min.
-everyone got dressed
-Potty break for me, in the meantime Clay bonks head causing a small gash. no worries.
-read interesting article on Josh Hamilton, got interrupted, not sure i finished it.
-talked/prayed with friend living downstairs
-showed a man the kittens (free sign is still up)
-Clay down for nap
-devotions with older boys
-read them 2 books
-picked strawberries
-weeded garden
-craft with boys
-make lunch
-rod home, got clay up and ate lunch
-cleaned up after lunch
-played with Clay
-all boys to swingset
-noticed 1 of the 3 grapvines stalks is gone. Angry
-Grocery store with the boys
-Followed police car on the way home after he passes me with lights on. Turns out there's an accident right next to daddy's shop. Watched the police, fire, and rollback take truck away and drop off at the shop.
-put groceries away
-Rode bike to mailbox, Adam getting real good w/out training wheels
-Clay nap #2
-Get rid of nasty pool water, wipe down, and refill
-watered more flowers
-Neighbor girl over
-worked on supper, a new recipe that took tooooo long to make
-eat supper
-clean up
-another kitty customer, gave away adam's favorite
-comfort adam
-kickball game
-bedtime routine (bible stories, clay bottle, snack, teeth, pray)
-sprayed "liquid fence" around garden and grapevines
-watered sunflowers
-herd chickens back into pen
-Clean up house!
-saw HUGE spider and wish someone was awake to kill it for me.
-unload dishwasher, fill up again w/ rest of supper dishes. wipe down counters.

Not too sure i got that all!!

I didn't mention answering over 100 questions, breaking up fights, phone calls, killing flies, diapers changes, etc. I do love my life.....I promise!!! But i could not fully enjoy it w/out God's grace and strength being poured into me daily. I ask Him for that often throughout my days and He faithfully provides! I strive to honor Him with my life and how i handle things. It's harder on days with less sleep and more to do.

My mom is giving Rod and I a date night tomorrow night, and we're so looking forward to that!! We didn't get to talk much today!

still would like to read a bit then fall asleep! I know i'm not the only one with a busy (but full) life, blessings to you all too!


Daniele @ Domestic Serenity said...

okay, I just had to pop on. That is a FULL day lady! It was kind of funny to read it all...grace for another day ahead!

Smokers in the Valley said...

That made me tired just reading it :) We are going camping this weekend and one reason I love that is because it slows life down and lets me focus on the kids and having fun with them. Because on all other days there's toooo much to do! You're doing a great job though! Keep it up!!!

Anonymous said...

You really did need last night out!