Monday, May 30, 2011


I sit here relaxing after a week of living outside maintaning the kids, the garden, the animals, the pool, the flower beds, and the like! i waited all winter for this, so i have to remind myself not to stress out! i do love it, and memories are being made.

Some things from the past week or so:

Adam feeding Buck. It's the funnest thing feeding a bunny a carrot.
Naked Clay & the sprinkler, he could have played with that until the water ran dry.
Slip & Slide:
The twins driving around Great Aunt Mary's lawn mower. FYI: It's for sale if anyone needs a lawn mower. Boys not included.
Adam flying a kite....sortof.

We got to see a wild turkey with 11 newborn babies! The cutest thing ever:
Also saw a balloon take off: You could say I was stressed out about this! We got rid of 5 kittens today, just from posting a sign at the end of the lane. So i feel better now. But still have 4+ kittens and 1 pregnant mom. Getting the mammas spayed is on "the list", which means it WILL happen!
Quote of the week, from Brad: After i acknowledged something cute he did this week, he asks "Could you try to get that up on facebook?" Oh dear.

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