Saturday, May 7, 2011

Projects, projects, projects!

First of all, Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful Mom!! I won't be able to see her on Mother's Day, but we had a nice time on Thursday celebrating and being together.

We've had many a project take place here this week. Not only is there never a dull moment with the boys, but there's never a dull moment with my husband! He's always got something up his sleeve. I love it (most of the time.....or at least more then 1/2 the time!) This week a big pile of stone came, AKA heaven for little boys. They've been out there for 2 days straight! Let me tell you it makes for some dirty bath water. But at least this way they actually get baths! The stone was to help cover the huge red propane tank you see here. Rod dug a nice big hole with the backhoe and buried the tank.
Clay does a lot of observing..
We've been talking about getting bunnies here, and some chickens. We converted the garden shed into a chicken coupe. Rod left today to pick up some bunny cages a guy had for sale. He came back with some nice cages, and a bunny!
We named him "Buck". Male bunnies are bucks, females are Does. Buck is a buck, naturally :) We plan to get a couple Does for Buck.
This hair has been driving me nuts since February!!!

Well they finally got their summer cuts!! You can see Brad's cut on the bunny picture. Ben's looks the same :) Glad it got cut before they got stone dust all throughout their hair!

Whenever i buy Vanilla extract at the store i think "are you kidding me?!?" It's so expensive and i use a lot of it. A cousin in law posted a link on how to make your own vanilla. I'm going to start that process this week! As soon as i buy me some rum. It looks so easy and fun. Here's the site... You can get vanilla beans on ebay or amazon or other favorite online stores. They also should be found in health food stores.

I'm sure i missed some things. A lot goes on in one week! I'm also happy to have my garden planted and flowers planted.

To all you moms, have a very blessed Mother's day!

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