Friday, May 13, 2011

A week later....

and we added more animals to the zoo!

first we found a litter of kitties. 6 of them, 2 are spoken for. Any other takers?
Tuesday (i think) we picked up 9 chicks. Adam really wanted a yellow one, which will turn white. The others are Australorps and will stay black. We're better prepared this time around for chickens, i think the setup we have in the garden shed will work out good.

Now i didn't say they are the cutest animals you'll ever see!
Wed. we got 2 female bunnies 2 months old, "Diamond" and "Crystal". They are such soft and sweet little things.
Love this one of Clay and Buck:We are all loving the excitment of the new animals, lots of people have come by to play with the masses. But what happens when the newness wears off, and the animals get bigger, and it's less exciting? we'll burn that bridge when we get there!

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Brandy said...

We will have to visit your little zoo. The girls would love it. Although for my Kelsey, your four boys might be part of the exhibit!