Monday, April 15, 2013

yay spring

seems we are finally able to be outside and start the springtime goodness around here. 

we have 2 litters of bunnies right now.  Ben took one in for show and tell the other week, and as he was telling the kids about all his bunnies, one of their friends looks at me in awe and says "do you spoil ben and brad?"  I told him ben and brad have to work hard to keep their animals healthy and since we have so many, they get to share them with others.  I had to laugh inside at what I could have said.  "well, yes they are spoiled.  we make them feed the bunnies for 3 months then they get to watch daddy kill them."  that might go over in an amish schoolhouse, but not a public school I suppose :) 

God was gracious with a capital "G" this week.  Adam had a mini bike accident, that could have been rather bad, but somehow it wasn't.  Rod and I could have learned the hard way that helmets must be worn when riding.  we are grateful for this gentle reminder instead.  a few days after this happened Brad started begging to learn to ride it, we said 'get your helmet' and then he took off.  He did so good his first time.

It wouldn't be spring if I didn't chat about the garden.  We did get it steamed again this year and now I have my cooler weather things planted.  The boys helped some, and I have given them 'their space' to have their own gardens this year.  it's laughably tiny, but they seemed pleased and eager to plant all mommy's extra seeds! 
In between 2 babysitting 'jobs' today, we planted potatoes.  These take a little extra time to plant (need to be planted deep) but so worth it when you can start harvesting big potatoes out of the ground.
The boys have started soccer again this year.  Adam moved up in the age group this year.  He says he scored 3 goals on Saturday, but 1 of them was for the other team :) 

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