Thursday, April 25, 2013

More April birthdays!

The twins best friend Riley had his birthday party last night at Chuck E Cheese.  Thought the Grandmas might want to see the boy that they talk about so much. 

All the boys from class were invited, they had a great time together.  It's a nice group of boys, such a blessing watching Ben and Brad enjoying themselves and their classmates.
Included in the party was a visit from Chuck E Cheese, 15 or so token to play games, pizza, and cake.  I enjoyed visiting with the other moms and watching the boys play games.
And Today, our final April Birthday!  Last but not least, my hard working husband.  The man that 4 little boys want to be like!   Dinner was some fresh trout, asparagus out of the garden, some not so good sweet corn from roots, and parsley potatoes.  Dessert was the birthday cake roll. 
A while back Rod commented if there's one thing he could have from Farmdale school, it would be the climbing rope in the gym. (Farmdale is getting torn down this year, a new school is built right beside it.  Rod went to Farmdale all 7 years growing up and used the rope all the time).  So with some behind the scenes work, I got permission for us to take down the rope and keep it.  that was Rod's birthday gift from the boys and I! 

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Brandy said...

That is so neat about the rope from Farmdale! Happy Birthday to your guys!