Monday, April 29, 2013


We did the March of Dimes walk again this year.  This is the 75 anniversary for March of Dimes.  So they did things a little different this year.  It was held at Dutch Wonderland, we walked around the park and the campground next to it.  Then we had lunch and rode the rides for free!  The weather was beautiful.  The boys tried out some different rides, and Clay kept right up with them. 
We call this Preemie Pride :)  They held these signs in the preemie parade just before the walk started.

This set up gave Rod and I a few moments of peace!  Except for that nagging feeling that Clay was going to jump into the water. 
Picture taken right before going down the Flume.  Adam's all excited, Brad not so sure :)  All was fine in the end. 
Clay in a different light.

This was the highlight of the day though.  In the eve, we went to a restaurant in Columbia, with a bar. (the places coupons take us.....) We walk in and there is live music in the bar.  They sat us in the restaurant area, but Clay walked over and stood right in front of the singer taking it all in.  A couple minutes later the singer starts singing Itzy Bitzy Spider for Clay, it was so cute.  Then I heard him ask Clay if he had any requests.  We couldn't hear Clay, but through the microphone we heard the man say "Jesus Loves Me?  OK".  and he played and sang Jesus Loves Me for the whole place, it was priceless!  I talked to him later and he said that's the first time this bar ever heard Jesus loves me before!  What a memory.  May we all be that bold and unashamed of our faith!

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Anonymous said...

What a fun day! I loved the bar story, so sweet of the guy to honor Clay's request, we all need to be reminded Jesus loves me! mom