Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Birthday happenings

Clay was living it up on his bday today.  He kept singing happy birthday to himself.  he was enjoying the attention given just for him.  as soon as he got up we had some birthday oatmeal for him.

I told him a couple weeks ago that uncle Michael will give him a tractor ride on his birthday.  It worked out great since he was disking today.  Clay was so excited. 

Later in the eve we broke out the much anticipated Lion cake.  This was the first time he saw it. 


He stared at it for awhile...
Then decided it was time to eat it!

I love Clay's zest for life.  It's contagious, one can't help but smile watching him live life.  So thankful to live it with him!  Happy 3rd Bday little man. 

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