Friday, September 27, 2013

School pics

This has been a busy week with school... for ME.  Whoever said sending your kids to school gives moms lots of free time??!

Wednesday was See You At The Pole.  This was the first year we participated.  I was determined to get us all up early and make it to the flagpole before 8.  I don't remember when we got there but I think we succeeded!  It was a sweet time praying and lifting up our school, teachers, kids, etc.  There were 27 of us there. if not for a teacher meeting, I believe several teachers would have been there too. 

Thursday I volunteered in the cafeteria over lunch.  it takes 2 hours to get everyone through.  I was on the floor, out with the kids helping them open up things, hand out napkins, spoons, etc.  I love this job!  It's unstructured time with my boys, it allows me to meet their friends, and see every single student at school.  It's a very practical way to see all 3 boys and they like it too (although Adam likes to 'play it cool').  It's a blessing to see all these students my boys go to school with, and put faces to the kids they talk about.  This is an 'every other Thursday' job for me that I look forward to doing.  A side benefit is, it's motivating for me to continue packing lunches for my boys, since I see some of the things the cafeteria serves!   Although I will say it's not that bad.  Just not something i'd be into them eating every day.

Friday I was the "Mystery Reader" in Clay's preschool class.  He was so surprised to see it was me that was sitting there waiting for the kiddos to come.  I didn't tell him I was the Mystery Reader.  That was a cute time, I was able to stay for a little of class afterward and watch. 

I knew it was only a matter of time.  Just down our street there's a boy in B and B's class, (we had no idea he lived there till school started!)  They've been talking about having him over., and this week he came over twice.  He walks in the lane with them after drop-off and plays for awhile till I say time to go home!  I always want our house to be 'the place' where friends come together, but I need courage to set limits.  They want him to come over every day, but clearly that's not realistic! 

 Today is early dismissal and they are walking in the lane right now!!!  Happy Beauteous Weekend!

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ForeverLove said...

You have been busy! I hear you with setting boundaries with friends, I am horrible at that. We constantly have a neighbor here and my kids have the curfews not the others so it gets hairy. I thought about helping at A's school but didn't get my clearances yet. Gotta do that! Enjoy the weekend, too. I know you'll be outside the whole time.