Monday, September 9, 2013

Days with Clay

The boys are really liking school, Praise God!  I am so thankful we've been in a season where getting up and going to school is not an issue.  That can and will totally change, I am aware :)  But for now, I am enjoying this.  Adam loves school because he trades silly bands and other useless trinkets, "we didn't get caught yet mom".  Lovely.

Clay keeps me on my toes, he is my sidekick.  Let's be honest here, the boy does not know how to play by himself.  So I'm on major full time duty when the others aren't here (right now he's saying "mom mom mom mom mom mom...........")

Last week he had an hour long tractor ride, from the farmer who farms our fields.  he said Clay fell asleep and his head was banging against the window.  I had to laugh because my brother said that used to happen with him when he'd ride along in the tractor as a boy and he'd fall asleep. 

We took a walk/bike ride out the lane and Clay points across the way and says "there's a man with a black gun running into the field!"  I took my chances on that and just assumed he was using his imagination there, but it did scare me a little!

We had a great visit from our forever friend Krista last wed - sunday.  We all enjoyed her, Clay got to spend the most time with her. 

Something different at the shop:

Thank goodness he does this sometimes:

The other day I had to "COME QUICK"  he wanted to show me what he was doing.....

Clay's big day is Wednesday.  It's a big day for mommy too :)

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