Sunday, September 22, 2013

here we go....

The women from church are starting a new thing, memorizing James 1.  The goal is to memorize the entire chapter over the course of 12 weeks.   We begin tomorrow, and are on our own (we're not meeting weekly).  But we have accountability partners to help and encourage us!

I am helping our pastor's wife to coordinate this endeavor.  We had a kick-off event at church last week, and had a solid time of focusing on these verses, played some games, and encouraged one another w/ this commitment.  i'm really looking forward to it.  I already have 1/2 of it memorized, when I started on my own last fall.  I love the book of James.  Memorizing scripture is so powerful, so rewarding. 

I came up with these handy little memory tools, for the women to put together and keep with them as they are in the car, in the kitchen, on a walk, etc.   It comes out to memorizing 2-3 verses each week, to get it down in 12 weeks.

We also passed out these helpful tips bookmark. 

If you'd like to do this with us (we don't meet together, we're just on our own) let me know, I have extra memory card sets! 

All for God's Glory!

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