Thursday, October 3, 2013

My mom gave one of the boys a really neat book for Christmas called A Perfect Pet for Peyton.  It's a story about love languages.  I read it this week to the boys and we got into a nice discussion on love languages.  I could never have initiated a conversation like this and have it go smoothly.  It's best to wait till they are engaged and then run with it!  We discovered that between the 5 of us (excluding Clay) we have every one of the 5 love languages covered!  I thought that was interesting and wonder if that's unusual for everyone in the family to have a different primary love language.  I might write them up nicely on paper and display them so when the boys are fighting we can have that reminder of how that person best feels loved.  Sounds good in my head, not sure how it will play out :) 

Really don't know what Clay's Love Language I made up one on my own.  The new 6th language is "talking one's ear off". 

When other 3 were Clay's age I did so much with them.  Parks, library, crafts, puzzles, baseball.   With Clay it's just easy to go about my business and let him follow me around, chatting and helping.  So I do try and remember he's only 3, and he likes to do fun things too.  This week we went to the library one day, and sold lemonade one day.  He is a very good business man!  Sorry if you already saw these on facebook.  As soon as my mom gets facebook, I can stop blogging. :) 

Clay didn't really need me, I could have sat in my chair and let him do everything, but I was afraid he'd spill it inside someone's car.  He was very confident, and got right 'on it' when someone would stop.  When he got paid, he'd immediately exclaim "Piggy bank!"  One old lady passed by, then turned around and stopped and said "I wouldn't have been able to sleep tonight if I didn't come back.  Kids this young don't need rejection".  Well he was so cute when he'd get rejected.  Slumped shoulders much...
That's better Clay

We were out for less then an hour and got about 6 customers, $4.00. everybody 'tips' when you make the price extra low :)  It was fun to do this with just Clay, I got to see him in action much better then when all 4 are competing for the job. 

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ForeverLove said...

That slumped photo broke my heart! He is adorable :)