Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Church picnic

Our church came out for our annual pig roast this past sunday.  It was neat to see many newer faces from our church.  Settings like these make it easier to chat with people then Sunday mornings sometimes. 

I was so thankful for a gorgeous night, when only 2 nights earlier I laid awake listening to the rain, and more rain, and wondered if we'd have to cancel. 

The musical entertainment for the evening was this band organ, which played carnival and polka music for a good 3 hours :) 

Yup, candy man came..


We have a sweet lady living in our basement right now, from Arkansas.  She was kind enough to take lots of pictures, a couple interesting ones of my kids during mealtime standing on the table and licking ketchup off his hotdog!

The girls....and Ben

No pictures of Adam, who I believe was skate boarding the whole time with the boys.  But don't worry.  I'm sure he took a break to get an ice cream cone about half-way through :) 

One more fall event this weekend, then I think we're done for this fall.  I'm happy that the boys are getting more helpful with these and are starting to know the drill.  It did flow very smoothly thanks to a lot of helpful hands at home and from our church.  We feel privileged to host such events.

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