Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Well Fall has arrived!  Monday was so pretty, but I looked at the 10 day forecast and I see what we're in for.  My mom got me a perfect gift for my birthday....she's knows me. 

and Rod knows I like a little excitement, which is why I loved his birthday gift to me this year.  Most of you have seen it, as well as 1/2 of Lancaster county :)

We are enjoying our IL friends who come in twice a year to volunteer at GAIN warehouse.  I took the boys into the warehouse this morning to volunteer.  What a neat experience.  We worked on school kits and also labeled some seed packets.  The variety of things they collect and ship overseas is impressive. 


Rod's sister came in for a visit this month also, and Clay and I had the chance to ride along as she drove back to the airport to fly home.  This was Clay's first time in an airport, it's a rather boring airport but he did see one plane take off!  And he did several escalators which trumps anything in the whole world. 

I'm picking through the garden, getting the last goodies of the season before we get hit with a real frost.  This was a picking from Monday.   I love the variety with these, I will miss gardening.  I do have some spinach and lettuce underneath my cold frame.  And hopefully soon our greenhouse will be complete and I can garden year round.  I thought it was going to be done 7 months ago, so what do I know! 
Life as always is plugging away, lots to be thankful for.

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