Monday, July 6, 2009


Hope you all had a good July 4th weekend. Our house was a busy place, with having houseguests every night, upstairs and downstairs. At one point there were 8 kids in the house! It was good for the boys to have to share space and toys. They did a good job. Friday night - Saturday we had the extended Gingrich family campout which was a lot of fun. We had great weather and lots of activities. We're hoping to make it an annual tradition. We had quite a good turnout too, with family being in from Montana, Chile, NY, and VA.
Here were some highlights of the weekend....
For some reason, i'm having trouble putting in captions for the photos, but these are all pics from our campout, someone spotted the snake while the men where setting up the slip and slide. it was right beside the boys pool, where they play by themselves...very comforting.! Adam didn't like the slip and slide, unless he went down with me and his face didn't get wet! Rod has some airplane buddies, (ultralight) and he spoke with a guy last week and asked him to do a "fly by" at our place friday night. So two ultralights flew by and did some tricks for us for some fun entertainment. It was a cold night to be sleeping out! i was with adam outside on the hammock until 2:30am, then decided to go in the barn. I got more sleep after that! It was a fun and tiring weekend!

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