Monday, December 14, 2009

Benny Hen

Ben had a little accident over the weekend. We've had this stove in our living room for awhile now and Saturday Rod got the gas hooked up... Rod was in the middle of telling Ben not to touch, it's hot and before you know it, Ben's hand was on it! When i heard the scream i knew it wasn't a "brother took my toy" scream. He cried for about 1/2 hour straight, then took a nap and has been fine ever since. However it was burned pretty bad. He has a huge blister on his hand and a little blister on each of his fingers. He was so tough, i wasn't sure how bad it was originally. but now after seeing the blisters i know it was very painful. He loves the cast that daddy made for him..He hasn't complained at all about having to use his other hand (left) to do things. Daddy is afraid he's going to turn into a left-hander. yay!

We he's asked what happened to his hand he says "it got messed up, but it'll be ok". I love that boy!! thankful it's not any worse....

If anyone knows anything about how to treat a burn, i'll take any advice.

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Janae said...

Poor little, Ben! :(