Thursday, July 21, 2011

I've told some people it's been a more challenging summer then last year, in the fact that clay has been a handful (the good kind, mostly) and the others have elevated their attitudes a bit at times. but i tend to not dwell on that, which is why my posts are generally happy ones. not because my life and my kids are perfect, but because i want to remember the good stuff! and there is so much good stuff!

Last week we hosted a Hatian in the apartment for a few days, while Wanda stayed elsewhere (He is a connection of hers). He was so nice, I would have loved to get to know him better. He loved the boys and kept taking their picture. I think their white skin and blonde hair was facinating to him! Jean-Michel leads a missionary group in Haiti called Seedtime & Harvest.
Tuesday Andrea and I and the kids took a day trip to Elk Neck (the bay). It was only an hour from their place. My mom kept the babies which was such a blessing. So that left us with "only" 3 kids each! They had a great time, lots of sand and very warm water! Minus the seaweed and dead fish it was perfect!!

The only picture of the 6 together:
Today the boys sold leomande at the end of the lane! it was fun! They made $6.00 in 1.5 hours, not bad! They had a blast and didn't want to stop. The customers were very gracious and didn't say a word when Brad sneezed on one man's lemonade and spilled a little on another lady's hand :) I was proud of their initiative, i just watched as they got the lemonades and collected the money.
Who wouldn't wanna buy lemonade from these guys??
Some customers included the mail man, a construction worker, and a motorcyclist!
Our Krista is moving next week, she will be greatly missed by us and 1/2 of Lancaster county! She's a blessing wherever she goes and I can't wait to see what all God has for her on this next chapter in her life. She babysat for the last time tonight.

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