Saturday, September 22, 2012

1st day of Fall

We had such a nice stay-at-home day, we puttered around here and there and enjoyed lots of exciting things in one day....

First we found a kitten in the barn, which Brad carried around all day.  He came up with this nice little cozy home for him.
Rod worked on an early birthday gift for me.  He wanted others to enjoy it too, so he did this early, before our Fall events.
I love it!  I've had the sink setting here this summer, empty.  Rod gave it a makeover!  He even put 2 fish in there, from Grandma's house. 

After lunch Rod and the boys wheelered over to the nearby trailer park, where there was a vehicle on fire.  Rod saw the smoke and took off.  After he left i heard the fire trucks. 

Early this evening we had a rain shower so we started running after the young chickens, trying to get them into their pen.  Then we saw a beautiful rainbow and i happened to have my camera on me.

Looks like it landed in our hay field :)

Such a nice go with the flow day.  If we had made lots of plans, (which i tend to do) then we would have missed all these special things.  (maybe a car being on fire isn't 'special')  I'd like more days like this. 

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