Tuesday, March 11, 2014

MT visit

I noticed this week that it's harder for me to get up after we "spring forward" then it is the boys!  It will take me a few days to adjust, but I'm so glad that it's light out until 7:30 now.  That's wonderful!

Rod's sister and family are in here for a visit.  Since we're in school mode, we haven't had as many opportunities to see them but we did have a few fun get togethers.  Our local hair place now does nails so rina and I got a pedicure the one evening.  That was wonderful!  the chair has different massage settings and the foot soak was great. 

The day before the pedicure I stopped in the salon and Adam picked my nail color.  He liked this blue crackel!  Not my first choice, but decided to go with it for something different.  Rina got the pretty pink.

We have a few passes for the indoor pool at the rec, so we took caleb over Friday evening.  They swam for 2 hours, and then I used the whirlpool in the locker room.  heavenly! 

And we met baby A for the first time, what a sweetie. 

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