Monday, March 28, 2016

Hello again

I've gone so long without posting, that I wasn't sure i'd even bother again!  But I do like to look back on this and the grandmas don't have facebook, so......  :)

The boys had a nice 10-day Easter break.  I wasn't thrilled with it being that long, knowing that it means they get out later in the summer.  But it went by very fast and we enjoyed the break from school - and it gave us a chance to catch up on some school projects that we were getting behind on.  I was glad for this time with them with less structure then usual.  Tomorrow they all go back to school and i'm ok with that too! 

On break we went to the Baltimore Aquarium.  I've been curious about the place, heard great things, and it didn't disappoint!  Ocean life is amazing.  It was cheaper for us to buy the year pass then day passes, so we'll be going again.

Sharks were a hit

I guess our big highlight around here is the birth of our baby goatie (kid, to be technical, but goatie is more fun).  She was born on Easter Sunday, yesterday.  What a little sweetie.  Pinky, momma, is doing so well.  She's not even a year old yet herself.  We missed the birth, but are so thankful for a safe delivery and our Billy left the baby alone.  He was in the cage with them during the birth. 
She's 2 lb. 4 little, yet everything is there.  I think her toenails even need clipped.
So far more people have visited this baby, then any of my babies that I've birthed :)  and I totally understand!  There's something about a 2 lb goatie.
Now I wait 2 weeks until I can start milking her. 
The boys and I did some special Easter activities each day during Holy Week, such as making an Easter Tree, foot washing, scripture reading, other 'visuals', and attended our church's Good Friday service.  I love seeing the growth in their knowledge and understanding of what his death/resurrection means. 

March is almost over - and that brings on our birthday month!  4 of the 6 of us have birthdays in April.  I don't get too caught up in "where does the time go?" and  "my babies are growing up", but it's hard to believe my baby will be 6 in a couple weeks!

The boys start basketball this week at our rec center.  A perk of having the boys so close in age...they can all do the same sport, at the same time!   The boys are so active and boy-ish right now.  I know that's a good thing!  I just can't believe them some days.  It's like they never get tired. To me that's quite a phenomenon. 

Speaking of...I'm tired and still have a few things to do.  Thanks for reading.  Feel free to check in, I do plan to keep writing. 

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