Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Memory work/2 months old/ "play date"

Ben and Brad's Sunday school class have been learning Psalm 100 this past quarter. They've been doing very well with it. Here's Brad saying the first 3 verses or so.

This has been an eye opener. I'm so glad our church's s.s. curriculum includes memory work. I learned it's never too early to teach them the Word of God! Adam's Class has been learning the books of the Bible, old testament. He's getting tired of it :)

Mr. Clay is 2 months old now. He still sleeps a lot, but not quite as laid back and content as we thought he might be. He is a sweetheart though and a piece of cake compared to twins, so i'm not about to complain! 2 month picture....My good friend Nadene came today with her baby Emma, she's 12 days older then Clay. And they finally got to meet today!! She's a dear, we're looking forward for many fun times together with our kids. Especially after she moves back to Lancaster! This is the only picture that didn't get blurry, not a good angle of Emma, Nadene was in my way :)

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Rochelle Matthews-Stoltzfus said...

The verse recitation is SO CUTE! Thanks for sharing!