Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our Apartment

We have a small, but very functional apartment downstairs, which we like to have available for people needing short term housing. The apartment was completely finished in 2008 and so far we've had quite a few different people stay there. Rod's cousin's family on furlough for a few months, another cousin and husband coming back to the states after being in China on missions, an older couple from Illinois who came to work with GAIN (Global Aid something), a Barnstormer for a couple weekends, a few 1 or 2 night stays from family, and most recently my cousin. Who we will miss but we are happy for her as she's starting a new chapter in her life (marriage!).

The apartment has 1 bedroom, a big kitchen/dining/living room all in one, and a bathroom. It has a seperate entrance, so it's private. If you know anyone needing short-term housing let me know (it is furnished). It'll be available after June 26th. The whole downstairs can be opened up for bigger families. We've had a family of 5 stay here comfortably. We can't wait to see who God sends our way next!
(i might have to stay a night or 2 first. i love it down there, i really feel like i'm away from home when i go down :)

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