Monday, August 30, 2010


i was talking to Adam about the 4 seasons. He said he misses wintertime, and wants to play in the snow (poor thing doesn't realize we don't ususally get snow!) i told him God gave us all the seasons to enjoy, and it's important to enjoy the season we are in. So i'm going to try to practice what i preach, and be ok with Fall coming. It's not like i can do anything about it anyway!!

Things i look forward to in the Fall:
The leaves
Our church thingy we have at our place
My birthday (i still look forward to that, even though i'm old now!)
Moving bulbs around & planting new ones
Less outdoor maintenance
Making soup again
Baseball playoffs
Pumpkin pie

How about YOU?

And this can be taken a step further, in that i should enjoy the season of life i am in right now and not wish for the next season. I think i'm pretty good with that but it doesn't hurt to be reminded, since we all have our days!!

So ok Fall, come and do what you gotta do!


Brandy said...

I am Summer time girl who tries very hard to like the Fall. So here it goes for me... I like apple picking, apple pies, pumpkins, not having to worry about the baby outside in the heat, less bees outside, and finally taking our family VACATION!

daniele @ domestic serenity said...

I really used to dislike the fall, but I LOVE IT! Cooler evenings, apples & all the things you can make with them, sweaters, comfort food, soups and fall festivals & fairs! The summer did fly by though and so I'll miss that.