Monday, November 8, 2010

School researching

We continue to look into schools around here, to find the best fit for our boys. Rod and i knew that Dayspring Christian do things a little different, using the Principle Approach, but we didn't know a ton about it. So we started reading up on it. It is an interesting approach to teaching! On one hand, it's a wonderfully Bible based system which bring God into all subjects, and teaches christian character, biblical reasoning, and our christian heritage. Super! Their vision is to educate children in the biblical principles that formed our nation, train them to help bring our country back to it's Christian heritage. It seems very patriotic (not a mennonite school :) but not so much emphasis on current government, as much as teaching that America was at one time a Christian nation. if we want our government to become that again, we need to first change the people! So that's their vision; to restore America, by using this principle approach to help build character in our young people.

In some ways to me they seem so "deep" or "proper" with some of their methods of teaching. There's a lot to this Principle Approach method and i'm just not sure if it's the right fit for our family. Only 50 schools in America use the Principle Approach. One difference using this system is they use what's called the Notebook Method. Each student has a notebook (for each subject, i think), starting in K, they use it to jot down their own notes of each subject. They have it with them all the time and refer to it as needed. It helps them to have a consistent tool and makes them in control of the learning process. Also this way parents can see what is being taught. i want to learn more about that, i like this idea since it seems like an organized thing to do. They might use this in place of textbooks, i'm not sure. Another difference we've read about is that they refer to the Noah Webster dictionary, written in the 1800's, quite often. Because God was still in that dictionary, whereas nowadays, God is taken out of dictionaries.

The school sets the bar very high, which means there could be a lot of homework given out. They even have 1st graders giving speeches!

We still have some people we want to talk to. But it's looking like a possibility. I'm sure this was boring for most of you. sorry! Let us know what you know about the school- good or bad. There website is if you wanted to read up on them at all. The main reason we started researching them is because they moved into our back yard! well, a little farther then that, but only about 3 minutes away.

We should probably have our mind made up by spring.


Smokers in the Valley said...

Sherry, My dad taught a class there for a little while and my sister went there for a couple years. If you want any personal insight from them I could ask what they thought!! Let me know :)

Brandy said...

I don't know much about the school. I met some students from that school ten years ago who only complained the school tried to be too strict. I know a little bit more about the curriculum they use. I like most of it, but disagree with some of their beliefs/teaching about government. I would say figure out if your beliefs line up with what they are teaching. If it does, then your children will get a strong education from that school. And it would be so nice to have a private school that close! Good luck with your decision.