Friday, November 26, 2010


Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving and Adam's birthday at my parents house. Adam turned 5 on Monday of this week! His cake of choice this year was a baseball field. Adam sure keeps life interesting around here. he has his own ideas and agenda for just about everything. i try not to let that drive me crazy :) i joke that there's the 'normal' way to do things, and there's the 'Adam way' to do things!

Adam asks some really good questions, like "are there silly bandz in heaven?" and "does Jesus have any multi colored ones to trade?" but seriously, he does have some good thought provoking questions, keeps me on my toes.

Last weekend, we also celebrated his birthday along w/ his cousin celene. They both have november birthdays. All the kids enjoyed Grandmas lovely birthday ice cream cone cake.
We are thankful for this little guy! Happy birthday dear Adam

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Brandy said...

Happy birthday wishes to Adam! Nice baseball cake!