Thursday, December 2, 2010

decorating and such...

The day after Thanksgiving, the boys were asking to get Christmas decorations out. So for the first year EVER we've had the place decorated before Dec. 1st!

Christmas is so fun w/ little ones. their excitment, questions, involvement has been a delight. We're excited to do some things that we did last year, starting up some traditions.

Today my mom came over and i took the morning to get things for some Christmas projects we have going. up until today i was a bit stressed by all that needed done. But now that the supplies are gotten and in the house, i feel better. The fun can begin :)

Last year after Christmas i got the boys each a Christmas tree for their room, like 80% off! it's very small, but they love it. The lights added a nice touch.
Some other 80% off items. ( i was surprised how quickly places like target and walmart totally get rid of all christmas stuff and get out valentines things. some of these things came from Michaels, they kept their clearance christmas items out longer).
i simply could not resist this Goodwill bargin for Clay.. Aside from the Christmas buzz around here, i'm still doing homeschool with Adam. He's learning how to read some words. Actually he does better spelling words then reading. If i tell him to write the word bus, sad, nut, cat etc..he can. But to ask him to read a word is harder for him but when he wants to, he sometimes can do that too. i knew it would be a process so i have no expectations on his reading. In other 'school' news, Brad wrote his name for the first time today! use your imagination, the first couple letters are sideways! i was proud of him, he picked up on it on his own.

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