Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas program

Last year just Adam was involved with the play, this year the twins were also old enough to participate. It was the cutest little program with mostly singing and a couple solos and lines. It was done during worship on Sunday with preschool thru grade 5 involved. The boy's preschool class dressed up for the manger scene. Too cute. Their class sang "Away in a Manger" together. Krista and Donna did a wonderful job coodinating the whole thing.

The boys all wanted to be different things; Brad was a sheep.
Adam his shepherd:
And Ben a Wiseman:
In line, ready to get up on stage. Everyone fit their part so well. The kids were so cooperative as some of us moms had to "wing" it the day before, with who was going to be which part.The manger scene/ just the sheep and shepherds first:

Then, everyone....Good job Frogs! (the name of their sunday school class)

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