Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Baby bunnies

On Sunday we had a new batch of baby bunnies! i think there are 8 of them. These guys are spunky! nothing like newborn kittens. They flail all over the place, what a riot. Momma bunny seems to be doing a good job, unlike her first litter that she didn't take care of.

A baby bunny is called a kit...
They are born without fur, but start getting fur at about 3 days old. Their eyes will be closed for 10-12 days after they are born. Momma bunnies are only pregnant for a month and can have 7 litters per year.

The Momma makes a 'nest' for her babies, using her own fur. It's so soft and keeps them very warm..

The average size litter for bunnies is 6.The pink areas will have white fur. I'm assuming the gray will stay gray, and the black will stay black. These are New Zealand rabbits.

Maybe that's more info then anyone cares to know about bunnies, but there you go!

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