Thursday, November 17, 2011


Just a few things before we leave for vacation!

I am not okay with this weather.. This getting dark early, chilly, long season of late fall/winter. I thought i'd come to terms with it this year, accepting the good that comes along with it. But no, not a fan of this season.

However, this does mean i have more time to cook. Soup is my favorite thing to cook, and i found another recipe last week that is soo good. Must try this if you're into the Ham and Bean thing.

Navy Bean soup:

Click HERE for the recipe...

Clay said his first 2-word combo Sunday morning in the bathtub. "More duck". Probably not your typical first 2-worded combo, but that would be Clay!
Adam is turning 6 soon! We'll be gone over his actual birthday, but Saturday he took a friend bowling, and Friday we also celebrate. And Grandma may have something up her sleeve while we are away :) This is also the first year he gets to share this day with school mates. We picked up a little trinket for him to hand to each of his classmates on his birthday. I had a very encouraging first Parent/teacher conference last Wed and was so relieved to hear he's interacting and enjoying Kindergarten. I suppose he's learning too :) I can't say enough about his teacher. She's not just a popular choice through kids eyes, but parents also see what a blessing she is. I appreciate her so much.
His cake choice for Friday's party. He kept changing his mind AGAIN this year, but Candy Cane it is. This will look nice with the camo paper products :/
I'm a little behind the times, but have started reading "The Power of a Praying Parent". It has been perfect for me, as I've lately just been seeking God on how i should pray for my kids. Knowing how much difference i can make in their life now and in the future by taking time in prayer. I was also encouraged to realize that the ideas she has, and areas she suggests praying for have already been on my heart and am already communicating with God about. The Spirit has been helping me and i didn't even know it.

Rod update: His lower back is coming along pretty good and also his neck (which started bothering him after his back). We're off to celebrate 10 years of marriage!

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Brandy said...

Have a wonderful anniversary celebration! I love those books about the Power of a Praying Parent, Wife, Woman, etc.