Monday, January 23, 2012

Babies shower & snow..

Saturday i had a twin babies shower for Nadene! She found out it's boys, which i'm very excited about. She got a lot of neat things, encouragement, and fellowship that afternoon. I'm happy to walk with her through the whole twin experience.

A couple goodies at the shower--

I was shocked with how well the cookies turned out. I've never made sugar cookies with icing before, plus Adam was helping me. That combination led me to have pretty low expectations on the results. Nadene loves elephants...
These were really easy, a recipe using Phyllo cups, with a cheesecake-like filling
Clay's piggy bank matched the color scheme perfectly. Piggy was the centerpiece.
A cute card:
The inside (can you read the sticker?):
I was thankful the snow didn't keep anyone away. Also thankful for neighbor girls who have been playing with the boys in the snow the past couple days and keeping them outside for hours!

Adam learning to snowboard.
It lasted about this long...

Ben and Brad sledding through their homemade ramp. pretty funny. I was hoping Adam would have a delay this morning! I'm all about delays, don't want too many cancelled days though.

Have a happy week.

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