Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Pet Hawk.

You just never know around here....

Because the weather was so beautiful yesterday, Rod decided to fly in the morning, and after landing, a couple guys came over to see what's up with that flying machine...They came from a nearby field where they were walking with a pet hawk!!? When he was talking to us, Roxy (ya gotta name your hawk) was far away in a tree. He called her and pulled out a dead mouse to lure her in.
First she came in and landed on the barn roof... Then to the owner. I'm sure Tractor grandma was glad we picked this day for the sleepover, so she could witness this tame hawk!

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Brandy said...

You sure a way of attracting all types of creatures! We went to the State Farm Show today. But my girls are more interested in going back to your house to see all the animals. Kara asked me to schedule a visit in the spring. LOL!