Thursday, May 10, 2012

Creek life & the Garden

It's official...we just aren't happy people if we can't be outside.  Tuesday's rainy day proved that. But when it's nice and we're outside, everyone is happy.  giddy even.  The boys have been spending just about every spare minute in the creek the past week or so.  It's amazing what they are catching!!  every day they come up and tell me about their new find.  Here were this past weeks catches....

A fish!  This was strategically caught using a tire and fishing pole.  The fish got caught in the tire!
Crayfish, lots of these guys..

Frogs!  Adam said it was piggy back day.  We left it at that. 
Eggs, apparently laid by frogs, these black dots will be the tadpoles.  i'm learning a lot :) 

And the favorite, a baby snapping turtle!  Adam caught him and said there were more.  we haven't found more yet.  We're keeping him for now, till he's big enough to hurt us :)  Adam's teacher wants him to bring it to school tomorrow.  So TJ (turtle james) is heading off to school in the morning. 
I also found a big snake the other day, but didn't have my camera.  Not exaggerating, it was BIG.  He can go bye byes.

We're starting to harvest the garden!  Today was the first radish picking. 

Ben took a bite fresh from the ground.  dirt and all..

The whole garden...Clay is stepping on the red beets.  sigh.

The teepee is an experiment, there are pole beans planted at each bamboo branch.  once the beans climb it's supposed to give a nice little hideout for the boys. 

A bumper crop of strawberries maybe?? They've never looked this good!
Sorry about all the pictures, but blogger just made it so much quicker to download pics!

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The garden looks beautiful!
ANdrea : )