Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Mom and I joke about how forgetful we both are.  Our Mother's Day outing was no exception.  I forgot my camera, i really wanted to get a picture of mom and i .  And she forgot to bring the leftovers home.  It was all boxed and ready to go, she even had it in her hand at one point.  Noone knows what happened after that!  We had a great time none-the-less!
Me and the boys on Mother's Day!  I realize this isn't a real good picture of us...but look at my irises :)

There's something that i so often hear from other moms, that i cannot relate to.  Comments like "my baby is 3, i'm so sad" or  "My little guy is now in a big boy bed, i almost cried" or "I had to go up a size in diapers, why do they have to grow up".  etc etc.  I hear/read comments like this often and i am quite the opposite!  I thrive on growth, changes, milestones.  It what's supposed to happen!  I'm not sad to see seasons go for the most part, especially in the little baby department.  We'll probably go out for ice cream or something to celebrate when Clay graduates to a big boy bed :)  I know i'm probably the odd ball here, but just an interesting observation as i converse with other moms.  (Not saying there is a right or a wrong).  We are enjoying this season with the boys, but still think the best is yet to come!  So happy to be their mom!

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Brandy said...

It goes by fast, that's for sure! When I was dealing with a colicky newborn, I was told that children get better with age. Ten years later, and I know that to be true! I like this stage much better than crying and diapers.
Happy Mother's Day!