Sunday, January 27, 2013


so while most people this week were doing what they could to stay inside, my husband figures it's the perfect time to take some trees down!
our neighbor gave us permission to get rid of some of his trees that were coming across the lane.  Rod went 40 feet in and it really opens it up.  Adam does not like that people can see our house from the road now.  yes now we are exposed to the world :)
Hard working, no doubt about it.  It's about 15ish degrees and windy.  i couldn't get these pictures quick enough :)

next day, some snow to add to the project.  The boys love snow and wanted to be a part of this historical event.
He got it all cleared away and now needs to dig out the stumps.

pretending to be daddy:

So what's a mom to do when she's sick?!  Sat-now (sund. eve) i've had a fever and cold.  Saturday i ran errands, cleaned the house, made food for Sunday company, took care of the 4.  etc.  Sunday, taught sunday school, had company over, church meeting in evening.  Thankfully i don't run into this very often because i don't get sick often.  But seriously, how does it work when you are a mom?  Well for me i've allowed Advil cold and sinus to get me through the past couple days, which was nice.  i think another night or two and i'll be fine again. (I may or may not sit around all day tomorrow).  I did manage to get a 2 minute foot rub from the 3 youngers:

Looking forward to the heat wave this week!  Have a  blessed week.

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