Sunday, January 20, 2013


Nothing glamorous to post here.  The month of January for me is always a catch up in the house kind of a month.  (Wow that was a lot of spider webs)  It's a time for me to try new recipes, or make the ones that take longer to make.  and make freezer meals.  and paint, Maredith and i painted 2 far.  We've had more than usual getting together times this month with friends and family, which has been very nice.  and we've gotten back to some of our winter traditions, like friday night game night and sunday night america's funniest videos.  We play outside, but long for spring.  The funny farm is quiet.  I guess it would help if we would stop butchering things.  I don't want to look ahead too much.  I really do believe that i should enjoy the now and take advantage of it's benefits.  And i do, i have countless blessings right now that i soak in.  But i'm still going to think about spring every single day, ok? 

A picture i doctored up on Picmonkey. 

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