Tuesday, March 12, 2013

grow up....no don't grow up!

i'm not normally one to be sad and sentimental when my kids grow out of a stage and begin a new one.  example- moving from a crib to big boy bed.  exciting.  starting school.  neat-o.  burning their baby blankies.  cool.  i enjoy the excitment of change, milestones, doing new things, etc.  BUT when Adam came to me the other week and said "mom, i'm ready to have a big plate at meals".  What?  But Adam you boys use the orange plastic kids plates.  "No, i'm big now and i want to use a big plate".  Well i didn't see that one coming!  i didn't have time to mentally prepare for that little milestone :)  next thing i know he'll be growing facial hair.  Oh wait...

 Sure enough he is growing up :)  and he's loving every minute of it.

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