Friday, March 22, 2013

It only seemed fair to put the more realistic picture up as the header photo :) 

I realized tonight that the longest hour of a mother's life is the hour before you are planning to go out with just your husband!  We had a great night out, without the little misters.  a 2.5 hour supper, and popping in on friends, after their kids went to bed.  a great night.  we didn't even talk about the kids much :)

Speaking of the kids, my mom said it best.  They are all high energy and none of them give in when there's a disagreement.  sigh.  But i love them, here's some downright halarious quotes from the boys recently:

*We were going to go to the nice restaurant with the boys recently and we said you'll have to dress up.  Adam says "oooh, can i wear my tigger custome?!"  well, not THAT kind of dress up!

*When Clay finally realized he can't go to school yet, he said in an understanding tone "ok, i'm not 3 enough"  more like you're not 5 enough!  (this conversation occured after a morning of chasing him down after he escaped from the car at drop off and ran for the school w/ his brothers.  I know the other car riders loved my plaid sweatpants).

*After taking Great Gma Gingrich out for her 86th birthday, Ben declared in the parking lot "Have a good day, birthday girl!"  aww.  Clearly we're used to kids parties :) 

*After watching the cats mating one day, Brad says "so, what does the daddy put inside the mommy"    Let's finish making these cookies first Brad and we'll discuss that later.  "ok".  whew.

Never a dull moment.  Did i mention i'm really ready for spring??  You know the REAL spring.  Those days when i only see my children at mealtime or when there's blood.  Yes those are the days when i'm a fantastic mom :)

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Brandy said...

Those are fantastically funny and real. I love it. My outdoor girl can't wait until Spring. Although she really enjoyed the snow on Monday.