Saturday, December 21, 2013

interesting things of late...

when we left the house this morning our hill was still snow covered.  came home tonight and it's bare, snow is gone!  we sure did a lot of sledding the past couple weeks.  Rod got the toboggan from his old home growing up and we all fit on it and went rather fast!  We found bigger hills nearby to toboggan on.

we are excited to see our greenhouse finally being put together!  It was a long and complicated mess but rod found a source to install it.  it's not done yet, but coming together nicely so far.

never too cold for weeds to grow

Me and Clay visited my grandparents earlier this week.  Clay behaved himself pretty good!  I felt like that was noteworthy.  Grandma and Grandpa are both 92.  (and mom, wasn't it about 92 degrees in there?!)

We had our 2nd annual Christmas carol sing/campfire last night.  The weather was so mild.  The kids went sledding on the hill for hours afterwards.  We had significantly less people this year, think we'll make it earlier in the season next year. 

Today was our first family Christmas gathering, it was a great time.  But the boys are exhausted due to lack of sleep from all the activities.  Add excess sugar and playing outside without enough clothing on, and it'll be a Christmas miracle if they don't get sick!  I do pray that they don't, but I love the memories being made.  Have a blessed Christmas everyone. 

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