Monday, December 2, 2013

Trail Cam & hunting

Rod and the boys have been fox hunting in the evenings, he downloaded chicken squawks on his phone to lure them in and everything.  no luck yet though. 

He decided to put up a trail cam on our property, it's pretty fun to see what all is out there at night when we are sleeping!  We only had this out for a few days and already have some action.  No fox sightings, but some other critters came out. 
showing off the tail:


A big guy, i'd like to stay out of his way:

And during the day we have blue jays:

Also tons and tons of cats!  We set food out, so of course they make their appearance quite often. 

It even captured Ben riding bike!

I'm impressed by the quality of pictures it takes.  And you can see at the bottom the date and time the picture was taken.  It's some good entertainment for us who are easily amused. 

Tonight Clay tells me to come to the door out back.  Here's what he saw!
Well we can't have him eating all our cat food, so the whole family goes out and hunts the critter.  It's tough to get him to move away from the house when he's playing dead!  I've never been so up close and personal with a possum before.  What a circus that was, but we got him. 

dead possum:
The boys loved this, I think I know what they will be writing about in their journals at school tomorrow.

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