Tuesday, November 26, 2013

In a nutshell

we had a filled weekend, with many highlights.  Adam's birthday fell on a Friday this year and that was nice.  Friday eve the boys had their last practice/dress rehearsal for a Thanksgiving musical they were involved in.  During the snack time, Rod's aunt handed out birthday cupcakes and they sang to him....  Saturday Rod and I hosted the men/boys from church for breakfast in our barn, followed by a clay pigeon shoot on the runway.  We had 50+ men and boys here from 7:30-2.  It was cold but they had a great time, and my boys each had their turn shooting  (except Clay, of course). 

So many guns....all pointing at me.

Adam then had a buddy from school over for a few hours in the afternoon.  I've been trying to get to know this boy and his family, Adam is very attached to him and talks about him constantly.  And while I confess I have concerns about his upbringing, he did clean up after himself, after the birthday snack.  Even put his fork in the dishwasher, on his own!  I was impressed. 

an eagles cake was the request this year
Sunday was the musical at Landisville church.  "An Attitude of Gratitude".  I appreciated the theme of the musical, sometimes Thanksgiving gets overlooked due to Christmas being right behind it.  They had a lot of fun with the other kids, and were actually sad when it was over.  No more Friday night practices. (or social hour)  Ben and Brad did a little solo in the beginning of the play. 
 The words to their verse:  "We worship you God, of our Father we bless you.  Through life's storm and tempest our Guide you have been.  When troubles 'ore take us, you will not forsake us.  We bless your holy name, to Him praise belongs".  (or something like that!)
Sunday lunch we had Grandma and Grandpa here, Adam picked subs as his birthday lunch.  I kissed him immediately after he told me he wanted subs :)  I didn't have to cook!
Sunday late afternoon-eve we went to a Hershey Bears game.  It was the boys first Bears game, they've seen the uncles play hockey games in a rink before so they knew how it was played.  They really got into it and didn't want to leave.  We left a little early and headed to Red Robin for supper.  The employees sang to Adam and gave him a sundae.  A great ending to an enjoyable weekend. 
Nose bleed section. 

"Red robin" was at the game.

The boys have off for 6 days over Thanksgiving.  And other then T-giving day at my parents, I told them we're going to do a whole lot of nothing!  Although I am currently working on what I call "mommy's staying sane list".  Where i'm jotting down ideas of things for the boys to do during these 6 days, so I can stay sane.  Since it's going to be so cold they will probably be outside only a couple hours a day and that means they are in the house being little wild men for many hours of the day.  If we don't have a little structure things get out of hand in a hurry :)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!  Remembering to pause for this holiday, before the commercialism of Christmas sneaks in.  Christmas 'stuff' shouldn't begin until we have Thanksgiving!  Enjoy your weekend.

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