Thursday, November 21, 2013

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday Adam!  I love celebrating birthdays around here.  Since the other boys birthdays are all in April, I'm always ready to have another birthday boy come November. 

We have a busy weekend the way it is, but w/ birthday stuff on top of that, it's packed full.  Pics to follow, if I survive it all :) 

I love this birthday boy!  It is so fun watching him grow up.  He is a talented and energetic, fun loving, all boy, inventive, go getter.  I think he's got a good year ahead of him. 

By the way he's turning 8.  hahaha.  A friend used this 8 with her son a couple months ago.  It's on the top of the Prince Street garage!  I don't enjoy going into the city, but what I won't do for a photo op.  And there's a huge 7 too, for Ben and Brad in the spring!


Anonymous said...

great picture!
Andrea : )

ForeverLove said...

I am probably going to steal the idea myself for Amanda :) Hope to see you tomorrow.