Monday, November 11, 2013

Freezer meals

I wanted to share how I prepare freezer meals; what works for me.  I know there's a lot out there about setting aside an entire day with friends and just cook and prepare for hours on end and end up with lots of freezer meals to share amongst each other.  While that sounds like fun for the first couple hours, I cannot set aside an entire day for that.  For me, a day like that defeats the purpose of trying to save time, which is why I do freezer meals to begin with! 

We had a full weekend, and I did not cook for 3 whole days over the weekend, but we didn't eat out once.  I went to the freezer meals (and the grandma's houses).  I always have at least 10 meals in there, ready to go.  To keep the freezer stocked I double or triple what i'm making throughout the week, and freeze the extra.  Last week I made a double batch of pasta fagoli one day, and was able to freeze 3 meals of that.  And I made 3 lasagnas another day and froze 2 of them.  So right there are 5 extra meals that I didn't go out of my way to make.  I only make and freeze extra of what I am already planning to make for that day's meal. 

I know some people do not have freezer space, and therefore can't do this method.  But if you have the space, I think you'll enjoy being able to pull meals out of the freezer, if you don't do this already.  I did not start this until after the twins were born.  Then it made good sense :)  I find out more and more how many different meal items freeze well.  This week i'll be making stuffed shells and beef bbq. 

Here's a list of things I've made for the freezer:
- chicken pot pie
- meatballs, cooked or uncooked
- tator tot casserole
- chicken etti
- chicken pie
- other chix dishes: honey mustard, chix parm, bbq chicken, etc
- taco soup
- chicken corn soup
- ham and bean soup
- pasta fagoli
- veggie soup
- enchiladas
- mac and beef cass
- tuna noodle cass
- baked spaghetti
- hamloaf
- meatloaf
- lasagna
- stuffed shells
- spag. sauce
- rice, cooked
- quiche, cooked
- granola
- cooked, cut up chicken
- fried up ground meat
- chili
- scalloped potatoes
- cheesy potatoes
- twice baked pot.
- beef stew
- homemade broth
- mac and cheese
- baked beans
- beef bbq

- ...and on and on.  Really anything other then milk based soups are good to go.  (Mashed potatoes are no good either).  I've never tried tuna or chicken salad (for sandwiches) but i'd like to try and see how that freezes.  Since mayo is not a good ingredient to freeze either, those things might not be a good one to do. 

Of course cookies, muffins, and cakes are good for freezing also.  ours never make it to the freezer!

Hope this is an encouragement to anyone who might want to try storing away meals!  Since I usually make 2 hot meals a day, and am on the go a little more w/ the boys activities and things, I find this so helpful. 

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ForeverLove said...

Thank you for all the ideas! I need to start stocking up for when we move and I don't have the time or energy to cook.