Monday, April 7, 2014

Birthdays and bees

Birthday festivities are in the books, i think the twins were a little depressed this morning.  They had a great weekend, always fun when a birthday falls on the weekend.  instead of going to school on their birthday they slept in, went out to eat, and had friends over.
Sometimes i wish the twins and Clay's birthdays were more spread out, but then i remember i have 4 kiddos and only need to do 2 parties per year.  That's a pretty good deal!
Lego theme- Saturday night's party...

So goofy:

3 friends came over yesterday, what a gorgeous day it was!!

Clay's real birthday is Wednesday and he's taking cupcakes into preschool for snack.  In the afternoon he gets to play drums on a real drumset.  That's all that boy needs.  Clay is almost the same age that Adam was when Clay was born!!

And the bees.....Saturday afternoon Ben and I drove 1.5 hours away to pick up our few thousand friends.  I was impressed with the way Ben handled the bees.  He went right up to them and watched the demonstration, he could pick out the drones (male) and play with them, the males don't sting.  Actually none of the boys are afraid to hang around the bees.  They aren't in the business of stinging.  I got stung once while transferring them from the box to our hives but that was my rookie mistake.

Sunday with the warm sunshine, they were out quite a bit.  Today is raining and they will stay in their hive.  We are supposed to check in on them on Wed and release the Queen in with the rest of the bees.  She is still in a small cage within the hive, getting used to the new home.  Her job is to lay eggs.  We'll have to check in regularly to see if the Queen is alive.  We don't have to find her, but find proof that she is there, by looking for eggs in the comb.

This week i'll be catching up on things.  The garage still has remaining hive parts scattered throughout it, and i still have barf in my car from Saturday's car sickness victim.  So yeah....time to catch up.  

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