Friday, April 4, 2014

I'm so glad April is here!  This winter was one of those "I don't even want to talk about it" winters.  Let's forget it and move on!  One good thing though, with all the boy's snow days, (9) their last day was to be around June 16th.  But they moved it to June 6th!  They counted hours instead of days.  Which makes me wonder....why don't they always count hours instead of days,?? snow days or not!  

I like to pull April fools food tricks on the boys.  They aren't wild about Rod and I's latest love of sushi.  So I tried to pull a sushi trick on them.  I had them for a few seconds....
They were relieved when they found out it's rice krispy treats, fruit by the foot, and gummy worms.  All sorts of crap i never give them!

We finally got their Christmas gift set up, and they are loving basketball.  It usually ends up in fighting over who is better or throwing balls at each other, but this particular time they played nicely for quite sometime, so i grabbed a pic.

We had a wonderful visit from Krista recently, always a fun time!  

We are getting bees tomorrow!  Like thousands, i'm not even sure how many.  I've been spending the week priming and painting the hives, a little tedious with some of the smaller spaces.  After i was almost finished Rod noticed i was using interior paint and it won't work.  So i get to redo it all, because i have time to redo things like that (ha).

I am so enjoying the Beth Moore study on Thurs mornings.  Her videos keep getting better each week!  James is a convicting book by just reading through, but when you do an in depth study on   I've been placed in a wonderful small group, i'm learning lots through our discussion time.

Well i have 3 boys with birthday parties this weekend, and i have one more lego cake to decorate, bee hives to paint, and oh yes we're having a square dance shin-dig here tonight so i might want to get ready for that as well.  I love April!!

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