Thursday, February 12, 2015


I know a lot of people say February is their least favorite month, but i see the light at the end of the tunnel this time of year.  The long month of January is behind me, and the daylight is noticably longer.  This week for the first time in months we ate supper while it was still light out!  Plus February is usually 3 days shorter then January so that's nice too :)  I could be a canidate for SADS.  I did get bloodwork done this week for no particular reason, just to have numbers on file.  They took 5 tubes for different things.  I'm interested to see what my Vitamin D level is.  But it could just be my interests and personality require warmth and outdoors so i feel lost this time of year!

We have a few projects under way this month.  First, the valentines.  The boys are generally all-boy in their interests.  So it cracks me up that they get so into Valentines day.  (I'm sure it has nothing to do with all the candy).   They finished up their valentines yesterday.  As always a big thanks to the Dollar store and Pinterest for making this all possible :)

My tradition for the boys is to hang hearts from our dining table lights and write something i love about them.

I love this!

On to the greenhouse...The lettuces are still producing for us. We took down all the tomato, pepper, and cucs in order to start over.  I planted new seeds in rockwool this month for the hydroponics system.  And also planted cool weather crops in soil to transplant to the garden.  Brocc and cabbage can be planted outside in early march, with some plastic laid over top.

little bit of production, slow growth with lack of daylight hours and temps dropping to 40 in there at night.  We have the heat set to kick on once it hits 40 degrees.

I'm reading a book!  gasp.  No actually TWO books!  I'm not much of a reader other then the kids books and the Bible.  But i joined a women's study and we will be reading through a Praying Life.  I think i will learn a lot from the book and from being a part of a great group of women.

 And while i was at the store getting that book, i saw a book by Candace Cameron (from Full House, "D.J")  I'm almost done with it and it's very good.  A lot of what i liked was hearing about her days on the Full House set, (i loved that show) and what it's like to be married to a professional hockey player.  But she also has great wisdom and advice on keeping our lives in balance and keeping God first in and through our days.  I needed some of her reminders.  

Adam started basketball games at the rec center.  The first 4 weeks were just practice which he didn't like, but now that the games started he's loving it.  And he's very good!  Last week they were short a couple players so Adam played the entire first half and then some, without a break!  I asked him why the coach didn't sub him out (everyone else was taken out for subs a couple times at least) and he said "because i was the only one who wasn't complaining about being tired!"  that's my boy.

Adam is the one front and center, with a green pinny and skinny legs.....

I'm brewing some Kombucha right now...Rod calls it my "Turban Tea".  I tried it a few times over the summer and 75% of the time the batch would mold.  We keep our thermostat at 80 in the summer, so i think it was too humid.  Now that the humidity is way down i decided to try it again.  I'm on day 4 and no mold so far!  Can't wait to try it.  I love Kombucha and the wonderful probiotic benefits of it.

 The animals keep us entertained.  From the noisy early morning rooster, to the bunnies who keep escaping their cages, and the funny looking lovable guineas, and the interesting relationship between one of our chickens and the cats.  Our animals do not discriminate!
The only thing we're leaving alone is the bees.  I have not checked on them since before Christmas, i really hope they are still alive and have enough honey in there to last them through the winter.  One of these days i'm just going peek in and see for myself.  But i'll wait till it's sunny and at least 40 degrees.  that could be awhile,  i am aware!

Thanks for reading, hope your days are finding you well.

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