Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Grandma's basement

i just love my parents basement!  They have the finished side, with a comfy sitting area, space for long tables for the family to eat, a toy area, and a fireplace.  But what sets it apart is the unfinished part, the 'kids zone'.  that is where is all happens, and noone really knows what exactly happens because the adults don't go over there and we often close it off :)  but we know they are having fun.  and since my parents live about 40 minutes away, we always hear the non-stop stories on the way home about what all they did together.   They are always into something different.  Over the weekend, during the Super Bowl they turned their side into a roller rink.  It was so neat to watch them all skating around in a circle together (yes i peeked in).

Super Bowl supper

When Clay takes a picture it's usually pretty delete-able.  but this one is a keeper!  good job Clay
I love watching the boys make memories, it's simple things like Grandma's basement that they will always remember and reminisce about.

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