Tuesday, April 28, 2015


He had this coming....
I remember when my parents turned 40...and now my husband!?  (deep breaths)

Rod wanted to plan his birthday weekend, and he did a wonderful job.  He took us overnight to Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos.  It's an indoor water park and we had a really good time.  We've never been there before but heard good things about it.  The boys are at a really good age for it.  3 out of 4 were still small enough to go in the little kids area but big and brave enough to do the big slides.  Adam and Rod did all the big slides.  They were so fast, Rod's contacts came out on the one.  Adam loved them, I thought they were slightly torturous.

Wave pool

Lazy river

Clay is recovering from a fast ride called the "toilet bowl".  So if he tells you he rode the toilet bowl, you know why. 

The motel rooms have themes.  Bunk Beds in the "wolf den" 

Saturday evening we took a shuttle to a nearby Hibachi restaurant.  It was the best Hibachi we've ever seen or tasted.  This was the boys first time at one.  Nothing around here would ever compare!

His hat is on fire....No biggie

Happy Birthday Babe, i hope this is your best decade yet!

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