Friday, May 8, 2015


I love May, it's my favorite month!

I have the garden and flowers planted.  I have a planting obsession and our neighbors who sell beautiful flowers and vegetable plants are not helping my addiction!  The boys got their little gardens in.  The new thing this year to try is peanuts.  I am so excited to see what happens there.  I'm also very naive, to buy them and think they might be able to grow peanuts in the state of Pennsylvania!  We shall see.  Not much to look at yet.   In addition to peanuts they planted gourds, popcorn, radishes, flowers, and green beans. 

I also planted celery for the first time, along with my usual stuff.  i took this picture a couple days ago and everything's already noticeably bigger than this. 

We've been getting hummingbirds this week, at least 2 different ones.  This beauty is our male. 

B and B had a field trip yesterday to Zoo America and Hershey Chocolate World.  The weather was great, and it was fun and fitting trip for 2nd grade.  The twins are so popular because they are twins (and because they are awesome) i love it. 

Clay begged to photo bomb, so we let him

We're on the home stretch with school!  really wish we were Amish these days and get done next week, but i must wait until June 4th.  Which isn't bad.  This week we started Adam on ADD meds, and it made a huge difference, not just in his school work, but in his relating to his brothers.  This actually happened.....  

I'm not quick to run for medication, but there is a time and place.  It's been beneficial for Adam and i'm glad we can help him.   He is a sweetheart.  He gave me a card yesterday that he made in school, i will treasure it.  He gave me permission to share it...

Oh my heart! 

After a rough winter i'm so glad to be on the other side and am savoring all this springtime goodness. 

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