Saturday, May 23, 2015

Property tour

Here's a picture tour of my happy, flowers and such on our property.  Notice i didn't take any pictures of the sink hole in our driveway, the boys messes, or weeds.  but those are here too!

We didn't get our mulching and edging done week hopefully.  

Our creek when it rains lots...

Our creek 2 days later.... 

Tomatoes and cucumbers.  We already gotten several cucs

Lettuce table

Our fig tree

Strawberries!  I should probably pick them instead of just take pictures of them

Meadow tea anyone?

The orange tree trying to make a comeback after a long winter inside with inconsistent watering

Flower bed by the apartment

Concord grapevine, we've been pretty unsuccessful with it, but there are a lot more clusters hanging on this year

2 hives going strong (last time i checked)

Back porch where many meals have already taken place

Our tamest cat, Fisher

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