Monday, June 1, 2015

3 more days of school...The boys have had a count down going for weeks now.  Probably because we go to Sweet Frog on the last day of school every year and this year i'm letting them buy a lego set with their money on the last day of school.

I currently have poison ivy on my hands, legs, and face.  I guess that goes with summertime.  I think it's coming from the flower beds, which got sprayed and mulched last week so hopefully the poison ivy will be kept down.  I really didn't need more decorations on my face this year!  Clay has it to and calls it "poisonous"  Mom, i have poisonous on my toes!

Our one bee hive is producing honey like nobody's business.  We already have 3 supers on, which means a lot of honey for us come extraction day.  Our 2nd hive, the new one has been very slow going.

We've had 2 big gatherings and 2 smaller ones in May.  Now i need to take a break or i'll be going back to my old ways :)   June's calendar looks fun...Church camping, GAiN volunteer week, picking up meat chicks, piano lessons, basketball camp, Dillsburg Fly-in, hot rod show, and family picnics.  Love summer more then words can say.

We were able to borrow a customers car for the weekend, we'll miss it!

The boys are taking a mini biking break to pick fresh strawberries.  They are so good this year

One of my favorite things to do with the berries...Strawberry/Spinach salad.  The spinach is from the garden too.  Add some toasted almonds and poppy seed dressing and you are good to go!

Adam is fascinated with Mustangs.  He and i went out one evening and stopped at a Ford dealership to look at mustangs.
Today we are having a good soaking rain, which was much needed.  Enjoy your week, happy summer!

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